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Vertical lime kiln

Vertical lime kiln refractory lining maintenance.

The lime italian leading company entrust Ferretti IS for thi maintenance.

Reheating furnace in Germany

Engineering, precasted blocks production and dry-out, insulating, refractory and anchors supply, technical supervision on site.


The project, carried out in the North of Germany, was concerning the hearth refractory relining of a walking beam furnace.


Electrofused blocks hearth

Electrofused block hearth´s reconstruction for a pusher furnace for steel billets reheating.

Pusher furnace roof revamping

Prefabrication, dry-out & heating up, installation of the new roof realized by refractory concrete´s precasted blocks. 

Best wishes

All the Ferretti IS´ staff wishes you Merry Christmas with your loved ones and to have a wonderful New Year that will bring you happiness, health, love, prosperity, ... and success in business.


During the holidays we will (almost) every day working on furnaces to support our Customers with professionalism and quality.

New projects

Signed contracts for the refractory maintenance of four reheating furnaces for bars and billets.


The projects involves engineering, material supply, demolition and reconstruction.

Lime kiln

Signed a contract for the refractory maintenance of a lime kiln.


The project will start in January.

Glass furnace

Signed contract for the refractory maintenance of a glass furnace.


The activities will be carried out in two steps, in December and January without stop of the production.

Automotive furnace

Automotive heat treatment furnaces revamping.


The project concern the combustion system revamping of two powertrain furnaces, including engineering, software and hardware development & supply, dismantling, piping BCU and burners suuply and installation, commissioning.


First step, concerning dismantling, was completed on these days.

Tundish covers

Tundish cover mechanical maintenance and refractory relining with biosoluble ceramic fiber blanket.

Precasted roof

Precasted roof modules in dense refractory concrete for a reheating furnace revamping, including dry-out and heating up.

Revamping WBF in Germany

Signed contract for engineering, refractory material supply and supervision to be carried out in Germany.


The project includes the detail and construction engineering for the new refractory lining, thermal calculation, refractory materials and anchors supply, precasted special parts realization and dry-out, supervision during the relining activities.

UNI BG - Case history

Next Thursday 25 of October at University of Bergamo will be presented the Ferretti Industrial Services Srl case history.


The lesson on "management control" will be held by our CEO Mr. Paolo Ferretti.

Eco di Bergamo

Eco di Bergamo talk about ANCE (Italian Constructor Association) SURVEY 2018 - The Italian construction companies in the world.


The article concern also Ferretti IS and our presence in Mexico and other countries.

ANCE 2018 survey

The ANCE´s report of Italian construction companies operating abroad has been presented.


Ferretti Industrial Services is present in ranking and photogallery where is mentioned the renovation of a rotary kiln for lime production.

Automotive furnaces revamping

Signed contract for the revamping of two automotive heat treatment furnaces.


The project, concerning the revamping of the combustion system, includes the supply and installation of all the electromechanical components, PLC, hardware and software for automation, technical assistance and commissioning.


Furnaces performance

We don’t forget our furnaces so we return to visit them.

Especially when we sell to our customers guaranteed "performance of temperature”, and therefore energy saving.


Proudly to meet "our" heat treatment furnace that work at 910 Celsius degrees in full compliance with the temperatures contractually guaranteed: 9.3 Celsius degrees less than expected result.

Annealing furnace

In these days was carried out by our company a turn key project for the revamping of the refractory lining for an annealing furnace.


The project includes: demolition of the desgasted refractory lining, engineering of the new refractories, precasted parts construction and dry-out, insulating and refractory materials supply and installation.

TRT furnace revamping

Heat treatment furnace revamping including Wall and roof demolition and reconstruction.


The turn key project includes the engineering, mechanical and refractory dismantling, waste materials disposal, metallic structure installation, refractory and insulating materials supply, precasted baffle (spoiler) construction, refractory relining and commissioning.

RHF revamping

Rotary hearth furnace´s revamping. A turn key project on the road on these days that includes the engineering, supply and installation of new precasted refractory baffles resistant at more than 1350°.

Italy - Mexico

The "MEJORA CONTINUA" project was started with a close relationship between Ferretti IS and the subsidiary Fyre S.A. de C.V.


The Ferretti IS refractories´  manager Luigi Zigliana, had a meeting in Mexico with the Fyre operation manager Jorge Vargas, for an optimization of best practices.

A project aimed at continuous improvement in furnace maintenance activities.

Green light

Green light : completed, tested, ...let´s go.


Was completed a turn key project concerning the refractory linings´ installation of an heat treatment furnace for steel pipes.

Dry out and heating up

Precasting activities in progress.


On monday was started the dry out and heating up activities concerning precasted refractory special parts to be delivered for different projects.

OHSAS certification

Ferretti Industrial Services Srl has obtained the certification of its safety management system in compliance with BS OHSAS 18001:2007 regulations.

Merger plan

Ferretti Industrial Services Srl will incorporate Fyre Italia Srl  through a M&A (merger and acquisition) project.


The operational and commercial presence of Ferretti Industrial Services Srl in Mexico will be  strengthened through this merger process,  increasing the collaboration with the subsidiary Fyre S.A. de C.V.


Completed, tested, let´s go.


Was completed a turn key project concerning therevamping of an heat treatment furnace for automotive components.


The project concern the refractory relining and the combustion system revamping.

Signed new contracts

Signed different contracts for the extraordinary refractory linings maintenance of different HT/reheating furnaces to be carried out during the summer period.


Ferretti IS will be involved in the engineering, refractory materials supply, installation of the new refractory lining.



Belgium : furnace delivered

Completed the refractory lining revamping of a twin shaft lime kiln with a capacity of 350 TPD.


The turn key project has involved the full demolition and reconstruction of insulating and refractory lining.


Many thanks to our staff and to our subcontractor partner company for the success of the project.

Precasted components

In next days will be installed our new vibrating table necessary to realize precasted refractory components.


A service offered to our customers to provide them special parts realized with methallic moulds, high quality refractory materials, AISI and inconel fibers.


All precasted parts realized by our company are dryed out and fired in our bell furnace, equipped with more advances cumbustion system for a controlled  heating and cooling down ramps.

Heat treatment furnace

Heat treatment´s furnace for tubes. Refractory lining work in progress.


Completion of project expected for first week of june.

Rotary hearth furnace

Signed contract for refractory lining maintenance of a rotary hearth reheating´s furnace.


The turn key project activities are scheduled for next August.

Lime kiln - art and craft

The laying of refractory bricks in lime kilns recalls forms of art and medieval architecture.


The same precision, technique, care in the installation are accentuated by the temperatures to which the bricks are stressed inside the ovens.


In the picture is represented the work in progress of a 350 TPD twin shaft furnace located in Belgium.

Preheating duct refractory lining

Industrial plant preheating duct´s refractory lining realized with calcium silicate board.

Ferretti IS ... the video

In MULTIMEDIA web page is available our group of companies´ official video.



Available also at youtube channel FerrettiIS :



Ladle and tundish covers ...take away

Ladle and tundish covers´ refractory relining with "take away" formula.


In order to satisfy  our customers for ladle and tundish covers´ revamping, we operate with a turn key ... take away solution that includes:

ladle and tundish covers transportation to our wharehouse;

removal of damaged ceramic fiber lining;

repair of damaged steel structures;

characterization and disposal of waste materials;

supply and installation of new fiber coating;

transportation to customer steel making plant of the reconditioned ladle and tundish cover.

Hot works

Ferretti IS offers an hot works special service to solve refractory lining problems.

A solution that avoids shutdown of the plant, which does not generate production stops.

Software for combustion systems

Ferretti IS realize combustion systems for new furnaces and for revamping of existing plants.

In addition to the supply and assembly of the plant, Ferretti IS realizes the management and automation´ software.

Heat Treatment Furnace

Signed contract for a turn key project concerning the refractory lining of an heat treatment furnace. 

Energy efficiency

Ferretti IS with its own technical staff realize thermal calculations to study energy efficiency of furnaces´ refractory linings, thermal dispersions, up to reduce plants´ combustible consumptions.

Refractory lining thermography

Ferretti IS offer an after sales technical assistance service to check the refractory lining status, calculate thermal efficiency, identify possibles hot spots.

Lime kiln demolition

Belgium : refractory lining demolition completed in advance on time schedule. The project concern a 350 TPD twin shaft vertical lime kiln.

Precasted baffle

Engineering, construction and erection.


The revamping of a blooming reheating furnace has been completed. The project involving the detailed engineering, construction and installation of a prefabricated baffle that will operate at a temperature of over 1300 Celsius degrees.

The work also concerned the structural changes to the roof, the dismantling of the old water-cooled baffle as well as other refractory maintenance works.

Lime kiln refractory relining

Signed contract for lime kiln refractory lining´s demolition and reconstruction.


The project, to be carried out il Belgium, will start in January.

Technical supervision in IRAN

Work in progress in IRAN: pusher reheating furnace refractory relining´s technical supervision activities.


The contract, signed with leading company in industrial plants, will be completed before end of December when completed dry out & heating up.

University of Bergamo

Next Thursday 9 of November at University of Bergamo will be presented the Ferretti Industrial Services Srl case history.


The lesson on "management control" will be held by our CEO Mr. Paolo Ferretti.

Annealing furnace

Work in progress: bright annealing furnace turn key project, including engineering, refractory materials supply and installation.


Delivery scheduled for end of November.

Combustion system revamping

Signed a turn key contract for the revamping of an automotive heat treatment furnace.

RHF revamping - the video

In MULTIMEDIA web page is available the latest video concerning th revamping of a rotary hearth furnace for steel bars reheating. 


Available also at youtube channel FerrettiIS :




ANCE survey 2017

ANCE (Italian Constructor Association) SURVEY 2015 - The Italian construction companies in the world.


Ferretti Industrial Services Srl in ranking and photogallery with Monterrey 2016 project.

Technical drawing training

On September has begun a training project concerning the technical drawings reading.


A program dedicated to our technical supervisors.


The lessons were carried out "in house" by our Eng. Roggeri.

Annealing furnace

On August was carried out by our company a turn key project for the revamping of the refractory lining for an annealing furnace.


The project include: demolition of the desgasted refractory lining, engineering of the new refractories, materials supply and installation.

REX 2017 Tenaris Dalmine

Completed the activities for the revamping of a rotary hearth furnace for steel bars reheating.

The REX 2017 project was carried out on time, on budget.


Many thanks to our staff, providers and partner companies.


WHF furnace maintenance

Work in progress. Demolition and reconstruction of descharging wall and hearth refractory lining of a WH furnace for steel billets reheating

Pit furnace revamping

Insulating and refractory lining demolition and reconstruction of two pit furnaces for stainless steel ingots reheating. The project also involves the maintenance of two other furnaces.

Rolling mill revamping

Work in progress. Industrial works for the foundation´s revamping of a special steel´s rolling mill.

FCA - heat treatment furnace

Refractory relining of a heat treatment furnace for Fiat Chrysler Autombiles powertrain division.


In next days will start second step of activities concerning mechanical and combustion system revamping.

Petrochemical gas duct

Refractory lining installation, dry-out & heating up process of a petrochimical gas duct.

REX 2017 - Mexico

Technical supervision activities in Tenaris Tamsa. The project realized in cooperation with our subsidiary Fyre S.A. de C.V. was completed in these days.

Many thanks to Luigi, Mirco,  Jorge, Roman, Luis, Asuncion, Manuel, Pedro, Francisco, Lorenzo, Joaquin, Irma, Yazmin, Maribel, Agelica, ...and all others emplyees.

Bogie hearth furnace dismantling

Bogie hearth furnace dismantling. The project, carried out with with reuse criteria, include the refractory lining demolition, piping and combustion system disassembly, casing dismantling.

Annealing furnace engineering

Annealing furnace´s refractory lining enginering completed.

The new plant for seamless steel pipes´ heat treatment will work at a temperature of around 1.000°

Pit furnaces

Ferretti IS will realize on August the refractory lining´s demolition and reconstruction of two pit furnaces for steel ingots reheating.

Heat Treatment furnace

Signed contract for the revamping of an heat treatment furnace for steel pipes.

The turn key project involve the engineering, the refractory and insulating materials supply, the demolition of the desgasted lining, the installation of the new refractory lining.

The activities will be carried out on next month of August.

Rotary hearth furnace

Signed contract for the refractory lining demolition and reconstruction´s project of a 215 T./h rotary hearth furnace.

The relining will be carried out on August.

Automotive furnace

New Turn Key contract signed with FCA Group for the relining of an automotive heat treatment furnace. The project involve the demolition of  the old refractory lining, the engineering and thermal calculation, refractory materials supply and installation, mechanical activities, commissioning.

Annealing furnace

Ferretti IS will realize in cooperation with his subsidiary Fyre S.A. de C.V. the refractory lining of a new heat treatment furnace. The project, to be carried out in North America, includes engineering, thermal calculations, refractory materials supply and installation.

Glass feder revamping

Completed the revamping of a glass plant.

The turn key project for the feeder revamping covered the confinement of the area, water jacket positioning and removal, refractory lining demolition, mechanical dismantling, new mechanical parts supply and installation, refractory lining installation ang heating up to 800°.

390 T/h furnace

Ferretti Industrial Services Srl, in cooperation with Fyre S.A. de C.V. and Fyre Italia Srl, is going to start the refractory lining installation of a 390 T/hr walking beam furnace. The project will be carried out in Monterrey (Mexico).


Warmestelle furnace´s revamping

500 TPD Warmestelle lime kiln´s refracatory lining, demoltion and reconstruction.

Aluminium furnace supervision

Work in progress in aluminium foundry plant located in Monterrey, Mexico. The project concern the refractory lining´s technical supervision.

TenarisTamsa REX 2015

Was concluded on time the mission of  Ferretti IS´ technicians involved by our subsidiary Fyre S.A. de C.V.  for the REX 2015,  project realized at the plant TenarisTamsa Veracruz in Mexico.



A project of extraordinary maintenance that covered the refractory lining of various rolling mill furnaces , heat treatment furnaces, the melting plant refractory installation and the ladle car´s industrial foundations revamping.

Refinery special joints

Signed contract for the construction of two new joints for  pipe line´s interconnection.



The joints, realized for a refinery located in Iraq, will be sandblasted and painted, lined with refractory and abrasive materials and dryed-out  according UOP technical specifications.

ANCE survey 2015

NCE (Italian Constructor Association) SURVEY 2015 - The Italian construction companies in the world. 


Ferretti Industrial Services Srl ranked in TOP 30.



Rotary hearth furnace

Ferretti IS has gained a contract for the refractory´s relining of a rotary hearth reheating furnace.



The demolition and reconstruction activities concern a furnace for high quality tubes production.

WB furnaces

Refractory linings´ maintenance and revamping of four steel billets´ reheating furnaces.



The work included the demolition and reconstruction of the walking beams of the heart for a total of 170 cubic meters.

Pickling plant

Ferretti IS realized the civil works and anti acid lining of a new pickling plant.


The project was carried out by us for a leading company in special steel production.


Refinery refractory linings

Signed contract for the realization of sandblasting, painting, refractory and antiabrasive lining, dry-out, of a special joint for a petrochemical plant.



The joint, when finished, will be installed in a refinery in Iraq.

Technical supervision in Mexico

Ferretti IS operative in Mexico for the supervision of a walking beam furnace´s revamping.



The revamping works was carried out by our subsidiary company Fyre S.A. de C.V.

Italian companies in Mexico

PWC presented the research "Presence and development of Italian companies in Mexico 2015".



Ferretti IS and Fyre S.A. de C.V.  are present with its know-how in the field of industrial services, industrial construction and refractory linings.

TRT furnacerelocation

Linepipe HT relocation; activities completed.


Project´s data sheet:


Mechanical dismantling                  Ton.    450

Refractories demolition                   Ton.    130

Oversize transportation                    Nr.       7

International freights                         Nr.       24

Mechanical parts supply                  Ton.    40

Mechanical erections                       Ton.    490

Refractory bricks supplied               Nr.       40.000

Refractory precasted parts              Ton.    45

HT linepipelenght                             m         130

Burners                                                Nr.       108


Max temperature                                C°       1.100

Automotive furnace

Signed contract with the FCA group powertrain division for the demolition and reconstruction of two heat treatment furnaces.



The two projects include the turnkey supply of refractory and insulating materials, silicon carbide special parts, mechanical maintenance, start-up assistance.

ANCE survey 2014

Presented today October 8, 2014 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the ANCE 2014 Survey (National Association of Constructors) on the major Italian construction companies operating abroad.


Ferretti IS reconfirmed in the TOP 30.


Steel making plant civil Works

Last week was signed a contract with a major italian steel company for the realization of industrial civil works, micropiles and foundations.


The project will start in the next days and will involve industrial construction division.

Summer projects

On August Ferretti IS refractory division will be involved in different refractory lining revamping and maintenance projects in plants located in North of Italy and abroad.


The activities concern four walking beam furnaces, three annealing furnaces, two pit furnaces, two incinerating lines, a lime kiln revamping and two new lime furnaces.




Other contracts will be signed in next days regarding more plants.

Pit furnaces

Ferretti IS has recently signed a contract for the demolition and reconstruction of two pit furnaces for steel ingots reheating´s.



The project will be carried out on next month of August.

Heat Treatment congress

On June 18th Ferretti IS and Fyre will be present at the event "Heat Treatment Congress" to be held in Queretaro, Mexico.




It will be an important meeting to present the know-how of our companies in the field of revamping projects of heat treatment furnaces, both with regard to refractory linings, both with regard to combustion systems.

Winter holidays projects

We are completing these days the refractory maintenance activities of different furnaces in several industrial plants.



The activities realized by Ferretti IS was: demolitions of the old linings, supply and installation of the new refractory linings, all the necessary mechanical maintenance of the furnaces.

ANCE survey 2013

Presented today October 1, 2013 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the ANCE 2013 Survey (National Association of Builders) on the major Italian construction companies operating abroad.


Ferretti IS is reconfirmed in the TOP 30.


The Chief Executive Officer Paolo Ferretti from Mexico, where he is attending works, said: "A result that rewards the efforts made by all the companies of our Group and especially by our staff."


PBS engineering

Revamping of a rolling mill for the processing of steel billets: completed structural engineering and detail of the foundations.


The project, as well as regarding the structural aspects, was also created in 3D to simulate the phases of handling and positioning of the modules constituting the foundation blocks.


The revamping will be carried out in August adopting the PBS - Preassembled Block System  technique, which will allow, in just eight days, to dismantle the existing foundations and prepare new ones for receiving the latest generation machinery.



To comply with the extremely restricted timing, Ferretti IS will operate on continuous shifts by adopting SCC special concretes  (Self Compacting Concrete).

Furnace for ceramics

Signed a contract for the refractory lining of a roller furnace for production of ceramic tiles.



The project will be carried out in June and July.

Rolling mill revamping

Ferretti IS has srealizedthe revamping works of a steel billets rolling mill train.


The project, carried out in summer production shutdown, included these activities:



the structural engineering, the design of the preassembled block system, the dismantling of the existing plant, the necessary controlled demolitions, the construction of new foundations,  the mechanical erection of the new production equipments (stands and facilities) and the start up / commissioning.

Made in Steel 2013

Ferretti IS would like to thank warmly all customers, suppliers, professionals and friends who visited us at the international fair Made in Steel in Milan.

Rotary kiln

Ferretti Industrial Services Srl with Fyre SA de CV won a contract for the revamping of a rotary kiln for the production of lime.


The furnace, which is over 60 meters, will be demolished and rebuilt for about 40% of its length, working in day and night shifts without interruption in a highly compressed work schedule, to allow a rapid resumption of production.



The engineering company and the customer, after having examined the proposals of competitors, have selected  Ferretti IS  - Fyre  Group for the achievement.

Industrial Services 2.0

Completely renewed in graphics, in the layout and, especially, full of new contents, new sections, details and insights that illustrate in detail the strength of Ferretti IS and the Group.


The new brochure, available for our customers, will be released on the occasion of the exhibition Made in Steel 2013.


Even the brochure, like our newsletters and corporate web page, is characterized by the description "at a glance", knowing that to appreciate the full potential of the Ferretti Group IS is not sufficient to take a look, it is not easy to make a short synthesis.


The name "2.0" wants to explain the strength of Ferretti IS Group in to be up to date with times, with technology, clearly identifying that this is the second edition.

Ferretti 2013

2013 is a year full of important events for the family Ferretti.

This year marks 110 years since the grandfather Giuseppe began his entrepreneurial career in 1903; since four generations are dedicated to making business with professionalism.


Also occur twenty years after the death of Lanfranco Ferretti, soul and powertrain of the family from the sixties to the nineties.


The year just begun is also important for the Ferretti IS because we recognize the excellent results achieved in the first two years of activity and is preparing to meet ambitious new goals.


Let´s celebrate together the 110 years of a family of entrepreneurs always been involved in the field of refractory linings and construction industry; we also are going to celebrate the achievements of Ferretti Industrial Services Srl.

ANCE survey 2012

 Presented today October 11, 2012 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the ANCE 2012 Survey (National Association of Builders) on the major Italian construction companies operating abroad.


Ferretti IS, at its first year of operation, joined the TOP 30.


The Company´s CEO Paolo Ferretti said: "A result so unexpected and extremely gratifying. After a few months into the business, find our company among the 30 major Italian companies operating abroad, is a goal highly qualifying proud of all the company staff."

Pusher furnace

On 3 September it was officially opened in Romania a new site for the revamping and restructuring of a pusher furnace for the heating of blooms.


A project that includes the demolition and reconstruction of the refractory lining of the furnace and which involves the Ferretti IS together with the Romanian subsidiary Ferretti Multi Service Srl.

Annealing furnace combustión system

Is being delivered the new combustion system built realized by  Ferretti IS.


The major project for the Tenaris Group covered the revamping of a high quality treatment furnace for steel tubes.


Overall, the project included:

  • Development of basic and detailed engineering
  • Software development 
  • Supply and installation of electrical panels
  • Supply and installation of PLC and computer
  • Supply and installation of 11,000 meters of cables including their wiring
  • Supply and installation of 116 regenerative burners and related BCU
  • Supply and installation of radiant tubes 49
  • Supply and installation of 49 stainless steel rollers
  • Supply and installation of the refractory lining of the furnace
  • Supply and installation of ventilation and cooling systems
  • Supply and installation of gas ramp
  • Piping for air, gas, flue gas and his insulation
  • Technical assistance to start-up and on site training for factory staff.
Roller furnace revamping

After the conclusion of confinement and asbestos removal, have been completed in these days the works of the refractory lining of a roller kiln for heat treatment of steel tubes.


The new refractory lining will allow the oven to be able to increase the operating temperature of 200 degrees now reaching the 1,150 °.


The project included the engineering, supply of refractory materials and their installation.

600 TPD Maerz furnace

Ferretti IS is going to realize the refractory linings installation for a new Maerz lime kiln of 600 tons capacity.


The new project gained by our company will be realized in next months, fron June to August.

Civil works for industrial plant foundations

The foundations of an up to date industrial plant will be carried out next months by Ferretti IS during a production shut down scheduled on March.


In a very short time, on day and night shifts, the Ferretti IS’ industrial construction task force  will be operating adopting the innovative PBS – Preassembled Block System technology.


A tested technology, a management know how to serve our customers to permit them the realization of very complex structures in short time also in case of production activity.


The works will be realized in Romania. Ferretti Industrial Services Srl will be carry out the civil works and PBS technology engineering.

Refractory linings for a new walking beam furnace

Ferretti IS has signed a turn key contract for the installation of refractory and insulating materials of  a walking beam furnace to be realized in Zalau, Romania.


A very important project that will be realized by technicians and workers of our company during the shut down of the plant in next February.


Refractory revamping for two reheating furnaces

Ferretti Industrial Services Srl win the contract for the refractory revamping for two reheating furnaces to be realized in an important steel plant.


A new important job that includes the demolition and relining of insulating and refractory materials for a walking beam furnaces an for a pusher furnace for billets production.


The contract includes the supply and installation of all refractory and insulating materials. A project to be realized during the shut down of the rolling mill plant programmed for next Christmas holidays.


Maerz furnace relining

Ferretti IS is going to realize the demolition and reconstruction of the refractoy lining for a 300 tons capacity lime furnace.


A very important contract for the installation of more than five hundred tons of refractory and insulating materials.

caldo di billette.

Group’s company meeting

The first annual meeting of the Group Ferretti IS took place at the headquarters of the presence of IS Ferretti Ferretti IS legal representatives, Fyre Italia Srl, Fyre S.A. de C.V., and Ferretti Multi Service Srl.



A fundamental opportunity for the sharing of development plans, business strategies, analysis of future projects, preparation of investment plans and to pool their expertise with the aim of defining a synergistic integration.

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